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Chris Sharpe, Bull TahrFrom the first initial contact with John my Hossack Station Trophy Hunting experience has been fantastic!

I've now been on two hunts with Hossack Station Trophy Hunting. My first hunt was for chamois at The Hossack and what an amazing place! We were warmly greeted at the Christchurch airport by head guide Don and driven out to The Hossack where we were shown to our accommodation which was frankly 5 star for a hunting camp. Over the next few days we were treated to exceptional guiding by Don, we saw chamois on every hunt with Don perfectly guiding me onto a chamois on the third day which is now pride of place in my trophy room . I was so impressed with the chamois hunt that I booked a bull tahr hunt straight away.

On the second trip we were warmly greeted by John at Christchurch airport and driven to the property where Hossack Station Trophy Hunting conducts its bull tahr hunts. It was the same as the first hunt; outstanding accommodation and guiding with John expertly guiding me onto a trophy bull tahr on the first evening! Unfortunately, a heavy snowstorm came through making the shot too difficult. Day two was a beautiful blue-sky day in the mighty Southern Alps. Again, John expertly guided me onto a magnificent bull tahr which is also the pride of place in my trophy room. It was a very special experience with my son, Hunter, being on this hunt with me as well.

On both hunts I've seen good animal numbers and plenty of big trophy animals including red stags and fallow bucks. From the guiding to the food and the accommodation, the service offered by John and his team at Hossack Station Trophy Hunting is second to none.

Chris Sharpe, Palmerston North, NZ - July 2019



Hank Greer, 16 point Gold Medal Wild Stag scoring SCI 306My hunt at the Hossack was a 5 star experience all the way!

From the moment I stepped foot onto the property I was warmly greeted and shown to my comfortable accommodations. Talk about a beautiful area to hunt! We set out to size in the rifle shortly after arriving and went out for an evening hunt on the first night. We immediately got into the action and had as many as 4 stags roaring back at us. We never managed to get any of them to reveal themselves so we called it a night after it got too dark to see. Where I come from that is a heck of a first night!

The second morning we set out to a new territory and began a steady climb to an ideal location to glass from on the mountain. We came across 2 nice Fallow Deer while taking a long look at a beautiful stag on the adjacent hill. He was a bit out of range so we pressed on up the hill and into a new canyon. We heard 2 more stags roaring back and forth that were closer in range so we set off to get into a better position. We targeted the one that sounded the most mature and began our stalk to get closer. We thought he was across the canyon however he popped up right below us with a few hinds. He came out along side the hill perfectly and gave me the opportunity that I needed. Down he went and a massive 16 pointer at that! John Angland put me right on him and revealed to me what a true guide is all about.

We had the most picturesque background that I could ever ask for and I could not be happier with my time here at the Hossack. I highly recommend them to anyone who is a serious hunter, looking for a great accommodation, stunning territory and a professional outfit that will put you right on em!!!

Hank Greer, Reno, Nevada - 2019 | Ph (+1 (951) 640 5441)


Niels Andersen with an estate stag"My wife, and I were touring New Zealand on vacation. We spent the last days of our vacation at the Hossack Station hunting a red stag. I was going for a big trophy. My guides were William MacDonald and John Angland.

The hunting is world class. The scenery is hilly with small forests and gave me many challenges in terms of wind directions and test of my fittness condition. During the days I was presented for several outstanding trophys and it was difficult to decide which one to go for. Finally on the last day I harvested a very good trophy.

Accommodations are perfect, the meals are outstanding and cooked by Edith the south african cook. Hospitality and comradery are very good. Edith did a fantastic job in entertaiing my wife while I was hunting. It was a dream come true to visit New Zealand, I hope one day return the the Hossack!

Thank You John, William and Edith for a very good experience."

Niels Anderson - March 2018


Brian Boyle with a Stag"In October this year (2015) I spent 4 days on a management hunt on the Hossack with John Angland and Pete Clayton. Being an ex-pat Kiwi I wanted to re-visit the Hossack having lived in the area and been on the Station 30 years ago and get some venison for my family in Christchurch to enjoy.  Over the 4 days I had great time hunting and taking a management red stag, and hind, a fallow doe, a number of hares and a wild pig. It was more like going out and having a great time with a couple of mates than a guided hunt, with the advantage of having all the local knowledge to see, photograph, hunt and enjoy the game animals and that wonderful area with them. The hunting was great, the food at night was superb, but the company of John and Pete was the highlight of the trip. I look forward to doing it again, thank you John and Pete.

Cheers, Brian"

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Andrew LovellFrom the moment I got off the phone with Jonh Angland I had a feeling this was going to be an amazing time in New Zealand. The second we landed John and the boys had everything sorted and the transition from Christchurch to the Hossack Station was seamless and we were boots on in the field glassing in no time at all.

We booked our hunt for the famous Red Stag roar at the end of March for 5 days. The abundance of quality free range animals amazed me and I managed to dispatch my dream Red Stag only after doing some seriously hard climbing.

The rest of my party hunted in the game park and the size of the animals in there are nothing short of astonishing! This hunt suited these guys as they prefer a less strenuous style of hunting.

Once our main hunt was over we continued to the north of the property slowly making our way there on varmint patrol, knocking over Hares, Possums and some good size Boars until we reached the breath taking fishing grounds on the Clarence River where the fishing kicked offer Brown Trout.

The team who looked after us at the Hossack felt like family by the end of the trip! The years of hunting experience all over the world between Willy, Darren and John was seriously enjoyed around the fire with great food, great wine and very cold beer. The communal dinning area and outdoor fire was the centre stage for great store and many laughs. 

The sleeping quarters were perfect after a hard day in the mountains, clean and warm! Its never hard getting out of bed at 5am with stags roaring outside your window! 

The moment I landed back in Sydney after this trip I booked again with another 3 mates and my father to come and take at Bull Tahr with John and the gang for the 2017 season.

Well done guys what a special experience!

Andrew Lovell, Sydney, Australia (2016)


Marshall Alexander "My wife, son and I visited New Zealand on vacation. While there, we spent a few days at the Hossack Station hunting with John and his crew. 

One of the highlights of our trip, was without a doubt the time spent at the Hossack Station. The hunting with John is world class, the scenery and accommodations are picture perfect, the meals are outstanding and the hospitality and comradery are priceless. It was a dream come true to visit New Zealand, I hope one day return the the Hossack!

Thank You John, William and Pete for a experience of a lifetime."

Marshall Alexander, Arkansas USA (2016)


Tony Shanks with a Royal Red StagIt felt a lot like a great hunt at home in Nevada with a group of close friends; everybody hunted hard, walked hard, glassed hard, and had a great time talking about the day over dinner and a nice bottle of wine...

Tony Shanks, USA (March 2015)

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Craig Boddington with a Sika StagThe best ever hunt for free-range red stag!  Beautiful country, lots of deer – you are doing a wonderful job at Hossack Station and it’s only going to get better!  Many thanks for a super experience!

Craig Boddington and Donna Grey, USA

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Greg MortonWhere in the world can a hunting client take a wild 14 point stag, hunt giant chamois buck, and harvest two rare Canterbury blue wild pigs, just two hours from an international airport. There is such a place. It is called The Hossack: just north of Christchurch:NZ, and I have just returned from the amazing adventure listed above. Thanks John and Jeremy: What a place!

Greg Morton: The Hunting Report

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in the May edition of The Hunting Report


Tyler Shanks Hunting free range red stag had always been a dream of mine and in 2014 I started the planning process. After much research and talking to outfitters in Argentina, Europe, and New Zealand; The Hossack seemed to be the clear choice. After hunting at the Hossack in 2015, there's no doubt in my mind I made the right call and they surpassed all my expectations. Their skill and knowledge of the land is top notch. Just the property itself is something to be seen. I was able to harvest a SCI top twenty free range red stag on the first evening, and topped it off with a SCI top ten free range fallow deer later on in the week. Throughout the week we continued to see quality stags, chamois, and fallow deer. After we were all done hunting, there was still plenty to do. Fishing for brown trout, shooting pigs & hares, and visiting the nearby town of Hanmer Springs were all bonuses we got to do in our down time.

Tyler Shanks I am actually returning to the Hossack for a Tahr and Chamois hunt in 5 days from the time I am writing this review and couldn't be more excited to get back out there. John makes the planning process an absolute breeze and all you basically have to worry about is getting yourself there. Even if you want to hunt something that's not on the Hossack, John will make it happen and will take you to where you need to be. Hunting at The Hossack in New Zealand should be on every hunter's bucket List.

Tyler Shanks, 1 775 762 7187,


Graeme RobsonThe Good Old Days!

“We sat in the late afternoon sun and looked back at the Hossack country. What a magnificent hunting ground it was, with its bushy corners, flaxy faces, shingle slides, and steep shady gorges. From away over towards Mt Tinline a roar drifted up from a shadowy face. Soon darkness would fall. We could imagine the frenzy of roaring which would begin as the evening wore on.

As my heart rate returned to normal and the sweat stopped running into my eyes, I decided it was time for another resolution. If I wanted to get a good head, what better place to try than this home of the red deer, this rutting ground of mighty stags, the Flax Hills block of the Hossack.”

From the book “Amuri Hunter” by Graeme Robson of New Zealand


Roy and Ronda "We had a TERRIFIC time, and Stephen was AMAZING!

It was very special that Ronda was able to participate in the hunt. She loved every minute and had a wonderful time!

Thank you for everything. We are already planning our next trip to the Hossack.

Roy and Ronda (2015)

A good keen Aussie trophy hunter and his wife - SCI 362 "After just finishing a six day hunt at The Hossack Station for free range Red Stag and Fallow Buck I have to say it was an unbelievable experience. The hospitality and hunting was great.

From day one of the hunt saw excellent quality and size Red Stags. Was able to shoot a fantastic Red Stag after a great stalk and a nice Fallow Buck. The guides John Angland and Dean Kinzett were great at their knowledge of the terrain and advise in hunting the game.

On down time was able to do some brown trout fishing and stay at The Hossack Station hut on the Clarence River where we caught some nice brown trout. There were also feral goats, pigs, rabbits and hares to shoot at throughout the trip.

I plan to hunt again at The Hossack Station."

Arnold Esslinger (2014)

A good keen Aussie trophy hunter and his wife - SCI 362
A good keen Aussie trophy hunter and his wife
A good keen Aussie trophy hunter and his wife
"Hossack Station combines a marvellous combination of client centred 1st class service, warm hospitality, great food, friendly highly expert guides, and the potential to bag outstanding trophy's in one of New Zealand's most pristine and picturesque mountain landscapes. John and his guides are very professional and determined to give every client the greatest opportunity for the hunt of a lifetime.My wife as an observer, and myself, had a brilliant time. I harvested 3 fantastic trophy's in just 4 days.
For Australians, its just a short skip across the pond. We can't wait to get back!

A good keen Aussie trophy hunter and his wife (April 2012)



Dru McDonald with Fallow Buck"I have had another great hunt! This time it was for a wild fallow buck. I can't wait to come back to The Hossack for the third time!"

Dru McDonald, California, USA (April 2012)


Steve Crutchfield (Wild & free red stag)"Sooz and I have returned home and checked back into the rat race, but we both often reflect on our time at the Hossack. Wanted to thank both of you and Jeremy for going above and beyond to make our time at the Hossack both comfortable and enjoyable. The accommodations were great and the New Zealand hunting was both interesting and exciting, we were thrilled with our stag ( He is at our taxidermist) and would recommend the Hossack to anyone who might be entertaining the idea of a red stag hunt in combination with a family outing. It was great to get to know you all and thanks again for a nice introduction to NZ."

Steve Crutchfield, California, USA (April 2012)

Dru McDonald (Wild & free red stag)"The Hossack is great and way more than what I ever dreamed it would be. The guys here are the best and make it very comfortable. I can't wait to come back. I am ready to book another trip. I shot my first red stag, a 21 pointer. I can't say enough good about this place. We can't wait to see you again."

Dru McDonald, California, USA (April 2011)

Ed Martin (SCI440)"Thanks to all - a wonderful hunt and great experience. Great accommodations, good food and a good cook. Can't say enough about how much you folks did to make our hunt special in all ways. Great job."

Ed Martin, Indiana, USA (March 2011)


Larry Pampel (SCI380)"Thanks to all the Hossack Crew for a great time and hunt. A special thanks to Michelle for making arrangements for our wives to do a little touring. The animals are impressive and will make great trophies. This country creates a desire to return and hunt again with the new friends we have made here."

Larry Pampel, Indiana, USA (March 2011)

Mark RohdeCame to hunt Red Stag and enjoyed my time here immensely. Great company with John, Stephen, Chris and Andy. Took 14 pt stag and pigs. The Red deer really get me going. Can’t wait to tell my Aussie mates about this great hunting adventure.”

Mark Rohde, Australian Shikar (May 2010)

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from the Australian Hunting Net


Jeff & Debbie KleinpeterHad a wonderful time with the entire Hossack team, Michelle, Steve, John A, John L, Fraser, Jeremy, and guests Mark Murrell, Jack Davis and my wife Debbie.

Beautiful country! Nothing like South Louisiana!

Harvested a nice free-range stag, and a beautiful tahr!  Almost harvested a beautiful fallow deer and chamois, but it’s really hard to do with a bow!

Jeff KleinpeterAs the new owners of Wild Wing Hunts, Debbie and I thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality at Hossack Station!
We will be back!.

Jeff & Debbie Kleinpeter, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
(4-11 April 2010)


Jack Davis“Great hunt, best guide I have ever had, John Leath. Killed double drop time stag. Everyone was so nice, great place, unbelievable trip.”

Jack Davis, Texas, USA (7-11 April 2010)


“Beautiful place! Great hunt, great food, great new friends. Can’t wait to come back.”

Mark Murrell, Baton Rouge, LA, USA (4-11 April 2010)

Scott Haugen“When it comes to free-range chamois and red stag, the Hossack is the best I've seen in New Zealand.  The land, the people and the exciting animals make this a special place I can't wait to get back to..”

Scott Haugen, USA (May 2009)
Host, Trijicon's Game Chasers

Ron Herrmann“The Snow was coming down big fluffy and harder now. We spotted a couple excellent Chamois just up above us. We could just make them out through the flakes. Then we saw the hinds right there too but a bit below them. Just around the bend, and there was our stag. Pete caught sight of him first, and yes, the big ones look big right away. The stag at seeing us, jumped down a small ravine as John got the binoculars on him and I maneuvered into a shooting position. When he popped back up to see what we were he gave us a perfect broadside look at him. "That's what we're looking for" John said. "Take him if you've got a shot and want him". I didn't need to hesitate and think. He is why I came to The Hossack from Minnesota, and more then I could have hoped for a chance at. My aim was true and the Hossack Royal Stag was down. Congratulations, hand shakes, and big smiles all around. My first New Zealand, Red Stag and what a great trophy.

The Hossack is a big and beautiful place with the huge free range hunting area stretching far and wide. You guys are fantastic, and I especially appreciate the care you took allowing my father and I to spend some treasured time together. While dad at 87 still gets around, a much different pace and plan was required. John and Pete, you made it all run smooth and never missed a beat. I can't thank you all at the Hossack enough for such a wonderful experience. Yours is some wonderful scenic, well managed country with quality animals in those mountains. The surroundings, new friends and memories made will long be cherished. Thanks guys.... Well done!”

Ron Herrmann, Andover, Minnesota, USA (May 2009)

Joel Krull“Had a once in a lifetime trip.  Great blast, cook, and guides.  Great place you have here. Love to come back.

Thanks for all and everything.

Joel Krull, Smithville, MO (April 2009)

Bryan McCoy“Great trip, great camp, nice 5x4 wild and free stag, Pitt Island ram.  Food was great, guides were great, hope to come back for another round.

Thank you for everything, first class group

Bryan McCoy, Gardner, KS (April 2009)


Doug Murray“First trip to NZ, won’t be the last!  Friendliest hunting camp I’ve been to.  Beautiful country, wonderful animals and great people.

I’ve been anticipating visiting NZ for years and it is everything I hoped it would be.  Cheers.

Doug Murray, Silver City, Iowa (April 2009)

Michael Norton-Smith“A wonderful adventure on a great property that allowed me to shoot my first red stag – thank you Hossack.”

Michael Norton-Smith, Australia (April 2008)



Dr Steven French“Thank you to everyone at the Hossack!  3 of us hunted over 4 days and all took a magnificent trophy stag free and wild.  The hospitality has been fantastic and the skills of the guides magnificent.  I can think of no better place to be during the Roar.  All the best for the future”

Dr Steven French PhD, Australia (April 2008)


Matt Graham“I keep a list of my favourite places around the world and I am very happy to say that the list includes now the fabulous Hossack Station.  This is a very special place and I am grateful for the opportunity to hunt my first trophy red stag here with my mates Steve and Mike.  John, Pete and Jeremy – you guys did a great job!! Cheers”

Matt Graham, Owner of Hunt Australia (April 2008)

Brian BachmanJohn has shown me a fantastic time.  We made a good stalk on a 14 point wild and free red stag.  We had a fantastic and successful stalk on a chamois buck.  One of the highlights was the late night rabbit and hare shooting.  Good times, good friends, great memories.

Brian Bachman, Minnesota, USA (March 2007)

Paul AtmoreGreat weather, hooked a double figure brown trout.  Shot a wild stag with my lever-action 44 mag.  A great week!

Paul Atmore, Wellington, New Zealand (November 2006)



Thomas MowerHossack Station is truly one of the best kept secrets in the hunting world.  It’s hard to find places like this where you can get away from the world and forget the everyday worries of life.  You guys are doing a first class job.  I will see you next year with the wife and kids.

Tom Mower Jnr, Utah, USA (April 2006)


We had a great time.  I love the ranch and especially the camp.  Special thanks to the guides for getting my son’s first deer (stag and fallow).  I will remember this trip for the rest of my life.

Michael Campese, USA (3 July 2005)

Another great hunt – 4 in one day!  Blue boar, arapawa ram, fallow buck, feral goat.  Thanks to our super guide Jeremy.  See you again.

Pat Anderson, USA (July 2005)

Mary and I have spent two great days in Hanmer Springs and at the Hossack.  Yesterday we saw a chamois buck and 14 point red stag.  I rode the bikes today for a few hours while Mary rode a horse.  We will be off to hunt tahr later.  Thank you for another wonderful time”.

Ron and Mary Brown, California, USA (June 2005)

Only after a week and I am in love with the Hossack and New Zealand.  The countryside remains relatively unspoiled, the water and sky crystal clear.  The animals healthy with a great variety.  The hunting fantastic.  The people a pleasure.  Truly professional at their tasks.  Thanks.

Martin Kosich, New York, USA (May 2005)

What a fantastic trip!! Red stags were magnificent.  Michael our guide, is one of the nicest gentlemen you could meet.  The Hossack ranch proved every bit as advertised.  Took a beautiful stag and fallow deer.  Thanks a million.

Joe, Barbara and Steve, California, USA (May 2005)

Just ended a great week hunting.  Had the best of times – great memories of hunting New Zealand with my son.  Shot a great tahr, fallow, stag and ram between the two of us.  Warrick did a great job.  Quite the professional.  Also enjoyed the wonderful scenery of the country both here and at Mesopotamia.  Hope to come back with our wives.

Bill and Jed May, Idaho, USA (May 2005)

We surely enjoyed the hunt here and the quality and quantity of animals.  The guides really do a great job and cater to your every need.  It surely was a hunt to remember.

Blaise Giacchiano, USA (April 2005)

Filming TV show for bow-hunting, free-ranging red stag on the Hossack.  The best hunting I have seen.  Took some great animals.  I have booked 12 hunters for next year with more to come.  Will be back next year.

Dean Langton, Pan Hunting (March 2005)

Good time and great guide – Mitch went all the way to be sure.  It was a  free-range, no fence hunt.

Milton Shultz Jnr, Texas, USA (June 2004)

“It has been a trip that over-exceeded every expectation. Thanks for the nice goat and ram. The SCI 400+ (22 point) red stag was the icing on the cake!”

Butch Hensley, Oklahoma, USA (April 2004)

Richard Schomburg“Another great time in New Zealand. Good host – good food – good hunting!  Took red stag SCI 400+ and good NZ wapiti.”

Richard Schomburg, Illinois, USA (May 2004)

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